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12-2-2020 wielsbeke
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You want to boost your cv by doing an studierelevant job?

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You have affinity with data and a basic knowledge of excel. This can be a relevant experience for you to develop further into data management, digital business applications,
This is the job for you!
Since last 2 years, they moved to `1 central database with all their product data, that feeds all their internal systems (production, warehouse and end-applications (website, digital retailer platform, e-commerce, pricelists,)
Therefore it is critical that all this product data is correct and complete at all times

Support the product master data managers to maintain their product data
Data entry: e.g. compiling excel file to upload in the system, gather data from other tools like brochures or technical documents
Data validation: use our data quality report to identify data gaps and issues, compile (excel) extracts from the database, to validate and correct the data
Part of this will be more conceptual, small projects for which you can take the ownership
Align with different stakeholders (e.g. customer service, digital team, accessories team, product managers) what the data problem is, and how to solve it
You will get a good understanding of how our data system works, what are data requirements to get all product data in the different end-applications
You will work with the different modules of our data system (SAP, PCM product cockpit, assortment manager, DAM digital assets database)

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Professionele Bachelor Academische Bachelor Master

Affinity with data: detail oriented, important to get the details right
Basic knowledge of excel (e.g. vlookups, concatenates,)
Prepared to do executional and repetitive work, as this will be a substantial part of the job
Show some interest in data systems and how they links together. This will offer a good opportunity to work with our `state-of-the-art data system, understand how it works, get an experience how to enter and maintain data in such a system.


A study relevent job to boost your cv.

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Caroline Turtelboom en Eveline Van Asch 09-2350231

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